People believe in people
People buy with people
People listen to people
People believe in people
People invest in people

Thats tangible…

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Not here to “change the world” or “change the people”

Not here to “change the world” or “change the people”

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Work forms part of my Karma and Dharma 
Karma – Deeds that I perform in the world
Dharma – Duty to the world 

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The only question I have is why would I use Zurker. Just coz I am the owner. Not sure… But let’s see

I need a reason compelling enough. I know the idea is novel – honestly this came to my mind as well but as the say execution – these guys executed it…

Hence it is very clear I love the idea. I love the concept and I like the execution…. Only question – why would I engage on this. I will get my friends to join… Get some shares … Get some equity but why will I interact on it…. Also I think the cost of on boarding is way too high – giving equity for on boarding ….

I should be able to earn equity by
– my interactions
– by my use
– may be by others interaction as well… How not sure though…. A complicated equity model in that case… In fact I would not give everyone the shares but give them points /credits which will turn in shares if they have a pool… A pool that they can create by interactions….

The other thing lacking is no use of Facebook. I believe even if you want to beat Facebook then you may have to use Facebook …. Ala pinterest style or ala Instagram style …

Do it better …..

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Junglee on satyamev jayate

Junglee has partnered with satyamevjayate – aamir khan’s new shos.  they are donating money if users sign up and click on pages and visit merchants…

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Zurker – another kid in the block

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Apple after steve jobs

Steve Jobs was good at
1. Conceptualizing
2. Selling – read presenting

Having understood that some of Apple’s products were being thought out for the last few years before they hit the market, it might be safe to assume that the product roadmap for apple must have been available for the next few years now.

Its only execution that needs to be perfect on the product roadmap for apple… And I think Steve should have groomed people on execution coz that skill is groomable.

Conceptualization although is a trait which is difficult to acquire.

So in a nutshell for the next 10 years what ever apple brings about would be 90% from the roadmap conceptualized by Steve himself.

Lets wait and watch what the company does after 10 years :)

Disclaimer – These are solely my views and hence are on my blog…

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PayPal’s New Digital Wallet Will Offer Personalized Deals, Flexible Payments, And More – TechCrunch

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Junglee by amazon

Two models
First model
1. Sell at your site …
2. Only reference by amazon….
3. Junglee provides the search and referencial redirect
4. Charges as an Affiliate. Not per successful purchase

Second model

1. List tems
2. Search , browse and shopping cart
3. Payment is made on amazon
4. After successful payment they send you the order details
5. To be fulfilled by seller / warehouse person
6. Payment released only when the order is fulfilled
7. Can leverage the shipping relationship of amazon as well

8. Efficient notification platform
9. Efficient reporting

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